Release notes

2.0 Release Update for Shippers – Premium is Live

Your fully loaded Roger Premium experience is here. From dispatch to settlement—see how upgraded features help eliminate your biggest headaches. 

Upgraded features improve every part of your process:


In-platform deal-making.

Get insight on carrier capacity and save on backhauls thanks to our powerful technology. Plus, receiving multiple bids ensures you’re always getting the best possible rate. You can even expand your network and business opportunities by connecting with new Roger carriers in the network.


Settlements & payments.

Paper invoicing is a thing of the past. Receive payment requests directly from carriers with Roger Premium. Settlements are now easier too. Send payments with ACH transfer and kiss your filing cabinets goodbye.



The end of “Where’s my truck?” calls is here. Easily check the status of a haul and see where trucks are in real-time, whenever it’s convenient for you.

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